How is keto fish sauce different from normal fishsauce?

How is keto fish sauce different from normal fish sauce?

September 28, 2022

Nowadays, people are focusing on health care, weight control and also paying attention to food intake as well as the benefits of nutrients received. More than that, people who are interested in health care also pay attention to the selection of seasoning products for cooking. It includes those who have dietary restrictions. In principle, health care can be found in many forms. One of the more popular styles is the keto diet.

What is keto?

The Keto Diet, or Ketogenic Diet, is a form of healthy eating that focuses on fat intake and reduced starch and sugar intake, reaching a keto ratio of seasonings such as cooking oil, soy sauce, sweetener including fish sauce products as well.

How is Top Kitchen Keto Fish Sauce different from regular fish sauce?

Top Kitchen Keto Thai Fish Sauce is a real fish sauce specially formulated to control iodine content. This Keto Fish Sauce contains iodine that comes from real fish sauce and does not add iodine content. Thus, it contains a small amount of iodine and is a 0 product. The kilocalories are free of MSG, preservatives, gluten, sugar and no artificial colors but still have a mellow flavor. It is suitable for health lovers. People on the keto diet and those who need to limit their iodine intake, as well as those with thyroid disease who need to control their iodine intake, can also take it. In addition, keto fish sauce will reduce consumers' concerns about buying fish sauce for cooking because it is formulated for healthy people. Therefore, Top Kitchen Keto Fish Sauce who is The best fish sauce brand in Thailand has different and special benefits than normal fish sauce recipes.

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