Salty with fish sauce in many languages

Salty with fish sauce in many languages

December 28, 2022

Nowadays, people travel todifferent places either for sightseeing or for business. Food is anotherculture that is easily accessible and an important part of many people'slifestyles. If you have visited any country, you must eat local food. “Fishsauce” is a seasoning that travelers around the world get to know along withdelicious dishes in Southeast Asian cuisine.  

ASEAN people have a variety ofeating cultures. Countries in this region are all influenced or have similarnatural resources. Is it similar or different in eating habits? “Fish sauce” isan important seasoning similar to soy sauce, which is prevalent and permeatesalmost every savory recipe of various countries in the region. 

Although the food is similar interms of ingredients, cultural and language differences, “fish sauce" hasdifferent words in various languages even in the same region. For example,Indonesians call it kecap ikan (kejab ikan). In Vietnam, they call it Nước mắm.Filipinos call it Patis. Mandarin Chinese or Mandarin Chinese is 鱼露 (yúlù). In

Cantonese it is 魚露 (jyu lou), Korean is 액젓 (yoke josh). In EuropeanEnglish, it is fish sauce or anchovy sauce. It's a literal translation of asauce made from fish. French call it sauce de Poisson, etc. 

No matter what part of theworld you are in, if you know Thai food or Asian food, you must know the localseasoning like “fish sauce”.

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